Rob Leydon is a songwriter from Canterbury, Kent and was one of the founding members of ‘Voices of Masada’, previously signed to Strobelight Records before disbanding in 2010. Rob is also guitarist for ‘The Eden House‘. Additionally, he has played as a session guitarist for ‘NOSFERATU’ and was guitarist for ‘Adoration’. After many years working as a guitarist for various bands, Rob now sings in Red Sun Revival. He currently lives in Oxfordshire.
Matt Helm, a talented self-taught guitarist from London, plays guitar for upcoming goth rock band ‘Pretentious, Moi?’. Matt has played numerous gigs both in the UK and abroad, entertaining crowds with his energetic and flamboyant on-stage performances. Professionally, he is a guitar, drum and bass teacher and session guitarist and bassist, and has played in various musicals (see website).
Panos Theodoropoulos is an accomplished bass guitarist from Greece and is currently living in London. He was involved in the Greek alternative music scene for many years, working with a number of bands. Panos also plays bass for ‘Clouds By Night‘ who has recently released their first LP “Just Buried”, as well as for London-based rock band ‘The Mayors‘ and Colombian hard rock band ‘RottViolent’.
Christina Emery is a classically-trained violinist, also based in London, who has additionally recorded violin for the song “Tyrant of the New World” by epic metal band ‘Titan‘ and played keyboards for elektro act ‘FutureFrenetic’. Christina’s violin adds a refreshing new dimension to the alternative sound providing melodic interplay with the guitar, as well as haunting solo sections.


Red Sun Revival + NUN @Cave 45
Simon Rippin previously recorded drums on Red Sun Revival’s 2013 EP “Embers” as well as 2014 album “Identities”. He has been touring with RSR as guest drummer since 2015. Simon was a founding member of NFD and Sensorium, and also played with Nefilim/The Fields of the Nephilim as well as Adoration and Thanateros (DE). He also drums with The Eden House and Grooving in Green, and is guest drummer for The Last Dance (US). Over the last 35 years he has built up an extensive list of recording credits and live performances and he continues to be an active session drummer.