Red Sun Revival are an alternative/gothic rock band formed in London, England in 2011. The line-up consists of vocalist/guitarist Rob Leydon, bassist Panos Theodoropoulos, violinist and backing vocalist Christina Emery, and drummer Simon Rippin. The band’s sound is defined by deep vocals, driving basslines, and intricate guitars which weave amongst haunting violin harmonies. The band’s sound has echoes of orchestral film soundtracks whilst occasionally incorporating elements of folk and classical music.

Releases and videos

Red Sun Revival have released two full length albums, Running from the Dawn (2012) and Identities (2015) , in addition to a four-track EP, Embers (2014). All three releases were mixed and produced by Stephen Carey of ‘The Eden House’, ‘NFD’, Adoration and ‘This Burning Effigy’.

The three releases all met with critical acclaim with several songs receiving extensive radio play worldwide. Additionally, Red Sun Revival have released three official music videos for the tracks ‘My Child’, ‘Mistakes’, and ‘The Awakening’, produced by Gabriel Edvy of Blackswitch Labs. The band are currently preparing material toward a third full-length studio album, with the aim of a release in early 2018.


Official music videos:

The Awakening
My Child

Line up

Rob Leydon (vocals/guitar) – Rob was formerly guitarist and songwriter for Voices of Masada, before disbanding in 2010, and guitarist for Adoration before disbanding in 2012. Additionally Rob has played session guitar and bass for Nosferatu, and is currently guitarist in The Eden House and Last July. Panos Theodoropoulos (bass) – Panos also plays bass for The Mayors, Clouds by Night, and Rottviolent. Christina Emery (violin and backing vocals) – Christina has also played violin for Sex Gang Children, and recorded with epic metal band Titan on their song Tyrant of the New World. Simon Rippin (drums) – Simon has drummed with numerous high-profile bands including Fields of the Nephilim, The Nefilim, NFD, Sensorium, Adoration, The Eden House, The Last Dance, and Grooving in Green.


Red Sun Revival have performed numerous concerts both in the UK and in continental Europe, including Emergency Exit Festival ( Dornbirn, Austria), SGM Festival (Madrid, Spain), Gotham Sounds Festival ( Hilden, Germany), Dark Spring Festival ( Berlin, Germany), Lumous Festival (Tampere, Finland), Whitby Goth Weekend (UK), SOS festival (London, UK), and Dark Waters Festival (Nottingham, UK). Additionally, RSR have performed concerts in Carpi (Italy), Helsinki (Finland), Lisbon (Portugal), Porto (Portugal), and Athens (Greece.) As well as headlining their own gigs, notable bands they have supported include: Chameleons Vox, Diary of Dreams, David J (Bauhaus), The Eden House, NFD, The Skeletal Family, The Birthday Massacre, Gene Loves Jezebel, David J (Bauhaus), And Also the Trees, Still Patient, Sad Lovers and Giants and Voltaire.

Record Labels and Distribution

Running from the Dawn was released through Resurrection Records (UK/worldwide) and AF Music (Germany/Austria/Switzerland).

Embers and Identities were released through Resurrection Records and Echozone (Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Benelux.)


Please contact Red Sun Revival directly if you would like to book a gig.