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Red Sun Revival – Running from the Dawn

Jan 2013

Somehow the new year brings not only a recession to people’s wallets but also a stagnancy in the music market and above all, the underground music scene seems to be hibernating or preparing itself for bigger hits.

Reason enough for me to listen to neglected albums from the past few weeks, one of which is “Running from the Dawn” and after listening to it for a few minutes, I could let myself stare into glaring light as punishment.

Punishment that I’ve neglected this piece of silver since October last year, what an uncaring father I appear to be…

For RED SUN REVIVAL, totally unknown to me before, for most of you too, “Running from the Dawn” is their début, despite existing for 5 years the tasteful listener asks themselves quickly, “Why?”

This piece of music sounds a lot like a fresh wind from old times.. no electro rubbish or extremely distorted voices, just goth rock, just as you should discover it trouble-free in well organised record cabinets, however here it’s not the second or third rehash of a Sisters record, as it sometimes seems, but independent and varied.

Heavy, drawn-out lines on extremely wavy guitar sounds and monotonous drums open the album, “My Child” is track 1 and could easily be a tip for the next visit to the dance floor.

The title track “Running from the Dawn” follows the opener but doesn’t really sound similar.. though it’s the same deep voice which blew my socks off, the music has totally transformed.

The gravitas doesn’t dominate here anymore; rather it sounds as though the song itself is dancing, somehow it sounds like goth rock meeting an anthem song from an advert, telling the sceptics, “Listen yourselves!”

“Running from the Dawn” could with all of its 9 tracks kick out one or another dusty classic from the playlist at home and at parties and the listener doesn’t even have to be particularly experimental for that… RED SUN REVIVAL seems to be a band with big potential, so you should keep your eyes peeled for this band.

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