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hooked on music

Red Sun Revival – Running From The Dawn

RED SUN REVIVAL was formed in 2011 in London. The goth rock quartet will single-handedly bring out their album debut ‘Running from the Dawn’ soon.

The Brits in the 9 songs combine everything that goth rock is made of and then some. The mood is romantic, melancholic, in some parts dark and atmospherically arranged; the rhythms incite to sweep you along.

The versatility of the material is emphasised by also sounding like film music from time to time, symphonic, with elements of indie rock as well as less rocky, somewhat more poppy and even folk passages.

The band shows its influenced for example by different acts such as Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, Fields of the Nephilim, The Mission, New Model Army, Bauhaus and The Cure.

The successful production comes from Steve Carey, founder of the group THE EDEN HOUSE; whose members have already worked with many different genres. Studio guest Bob Loveday also plays with this top-class ensemble.

RED SUN REVIVAL’s ‘Running from the Dawn’ appeals to those who are interested in these elements and don’t have anything against finding everything together, and even more; on one album.

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