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Red Sun Revival: Running from the Dawn

Oct 2012

You could say that Great Britain, the cradle of goth rock, is currently experiencing a real renaissance in the genre. There are bands such as Vendemmian or Rhombus who come to mind first and who have been holding the flag high for a few years, but new acts keep finding their way to us in continental Europe. With Red Sun Revival, this appealing tradition continues – in Germany, Austria and Switzerland they are now available via record label afmusic.

With first-class, reverberant goth rock in the tradition of the Fields of the Nephilim or Love Like Blood, Red Sun Revival should quickly find a wide flock of fans. The years of maturing and composition have left behind their quintessence on “Running from the Dawn”. At first sight, you might wonder why there are “only” 9 tracks on the album but here the old adage applies; quality over quantity. Red Sun Revival have thankfully forgone gap fillers and instead present us with a handful of high quality songs.

So whoever loves great quality, dark and sometimes monumental goth rock, should definitely get the first born of Red Sun Revival for themselves. “Running from the Dawn” is a truly welcome work, which shows that its creators more than understand their art.

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