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planet mosh

Red Sun Revival – Running From The Dawn – Dec 2012

Red Sun Revival are an alternative/Gothic rock band from London.  Formed in 2011, this is their debut album.  The album was mixed and produced by Steve Carey from The Eden House, and mastered by Andy Jackson (who produced the Pink Floyd album, The Division Bell).

Within a very short time of putting this album on, I was hooked – this is damn good stuff.

The vocals are a very similar style to those of Fields of the Nephilim singer Carl McCoy, so fans of Fields of the Nephilim are going to feel right at home with Red Sun Revival.  Musically the two bands are quite similar too, but Red SUn Revival’s use of the violin and the fact that the guitar work isnt as deep and heavy as that of Fields of the Nephilim means that despite the clear similarities, the two bands do have their own distinct sounds.

The album opens with “My Child”.  The violin adds a much lighter feel to the song than it would otherwise have, and adds some extra interest to it.

“Lost for words” is probably the track most resembling Fields of the Nephilim.  It’s a great track – but then again the whole album is great.

If you’re a fan of Fields of the Nephilim then I really recommend that you check out Red Sun Revival.  Similarly fans of Sisters of Mercy, The Eden House and The Mission are likely to find Red Sun Revival of interest.  Definitely well worth checking out.

Rating: 9/10