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Red Sun Revival – ‘My Child’, ‘Last Chance’, ‘Without You’

By DJArmand on Jan 18, 2012



Formed in 2011, Red Sun Revival are preparing to release their debut album later this year, but for now, there are just three demos available as a little taster. With influences in their sound deeply rooted in such pioneers as ‘The Chameleons’ and ‘Voices of Masada’ they have plenty to live up to, and yet listening to these three demos and it is easy to see they have the potential of something extraordinary in the making. Vocalist Rob’s harmonies certainly reflect his time with ‘Voices of Masada’ but there is so much more to be gleaned from these songs than just retrospection. The twisting, swirling basslines, from Panos, wrap intricately around Matt’s haunting guitar work while there is a darkly beautiful, melodic interaction between the guitars and classically trained Christina’s violin creating a refreshing new depth of exploration for a more imaginative alternative sound.

‘My Child’ opens to an interweaving soundscape of echoing atmospherics and piano and here the interplay of guitars and violin innocently mingle around the vocals, while, and in contrast, ‘Last Chance’ promotes a more melancholic, classical feel in both sound and harmony, whereas ‘Without you’ with its jangly guitars and hunting basslines offers a more upbeat, potential dancefloor filler.

Although a relatively new band, the depth of writing, fluidity and cohesion already displayed here shows a sublime maturity as a music-creating force. Each song works very well as its own statement of intent, they are likeable as much for their differences as their similarities, while together they are a demonstration as rich in diversity as they are in constructive brilliance. The demos are available only to listen to on the band’s soundcloud site at present and the debut album is currently undergoing final touches however Red Sun Revival have arrived – watch out for them as they will be hot property once the album is released.

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