Demo Review: Midnight Calling

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midnight calling

Red Sun Revival Promo – Jul 27, 2012

I first heard of Red Sun Revival by way of a Facebook post from Martin Oldgoth, and if he was impressed, I knew they definitely had merit. The band graciously sent me a copy of their promo, and I must say that it surpassed my expectations.

“My Child” brilliantly brings to mind one of my favorite bands, Fields of the Nephilim. There are the same incisive, enigmatic vocals; swirling, epic electronics; and energetic percussion and guitar. yet this is no mere imitation of FON, far from it. The backing electronics have a sweeping operatic feel that propels the song ever higher; while the guitar has an edge that doesn’t dissipate. I particularly like the moody sort of shift at about three and a half minutes, and then the song rises back with operatic backing effects and evocative keyboards. “My child, would I ever let you fall?” The steady bass and ceaseless percussion make this song eminently danceable.

“Running from the Dawn” dashes from the start line with some orchestral type flourishes that somehow remind me of certain early ’60′s rock right before the Psychedelic shift. The vocals are very visceral and gripping, while the guitar has a delightful edge to it. The operatic backing effects emerge at exactly the right time to give the song an added dimension that does not distract from the focus. Excellent basslines provide a powerful, yet not intrusive foundation. “I’m sure I saw you as you danced..”

“Without You” has a vibrant electro beginning that merges into crisp keyboards and driving percussion. The vocals are exquisitely layered, sinking to a menacing growl, then emerging into a heartfelt paean of regret. There is a dramatic shift midway through, with a nice piano sequence that runs in tandem with sharp, post-punkish guitar as the song races to a dramatic finish with a classical twist.

These are some truly outstanding songs that will stay with the listener long after the last notes have ended. They herald Red Sun Revival as a band to be reckoned with. While Red Sun Revival definitely harkens back to the days of classic Goth Rock, they are infused with a totally contemporary sound that clearly builds on the past but does not emulate it. Red Sun Revival will delight those on all sides of the Gothic spectrum, from trad Goths like myself who still dream of the Golden Age of Gothic Rock, to fans of postpunk, and even listeners who love the same dark aura but appreciate an upbeat electro edge. The production is great on these tracks, paired with sure talent and imagination. I look forward to hearing Red Sun Revival’s full length release.

Oh, and did I mention that they also have a superb sense of fashion?

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