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Artist of the month (Nov 2011) – Red Sun Revival

In the middle of the year I received a demo CD, which first landed on the stack of “material to get through”. About six weeks ago I listened to it and couldn’t believe what ran through my ears. Unfortunately, I lost the matching letter to the CD and I had to look for what the band’s name was, which had the token RSR.

A band from England, as it happens often, which exists since the beginning of 2011. The names, which will follow now, should be known to some of you: Rob Leydon (Vocals – ex-voices of Masada, Adoration, The Eden House, Nosferatu), Matt Helm (Guitar), who gave me the CD and is also involved in Pretentious, Moi?

Christina Emery (Violin) brings a lot of experience with her and is playing in the band FutureFrenetic. The last one is Panos Theodorpoulous (Bass, Guitar), a born Greek, who brings a lot of experience of the music business with him.

So it’s clear, that here four people gathered, who know what to do and come up with a lot of passion for music. Officially there is no EP or an album, yet, but there are already 10 demo songs and even though they’re not finished, yet, I can tell one thing, that is true: “Here something brilliant comes the way, which again proves, that Goth rock isn’t dead, by far!”

The Song “Miracles” put a spell on me instantly; with its haunting guitar and bass lines, a strong drum machine and Rob’s voice bring you into dark catacombs, where music is the only thing that counts and then the underlining second vice. This is just unique.

The keyboard intro on “Without You” is another plus, again. In my opinion, keyboards and pianos are much too rare in use. And in the whole song the keyboard/piano appears, which gives it a special note.

Songs like “My Child” and “Lost for Words” will definitely find their ways to the dance floors, soon.

Right now there isn’t much to find in the internet about Red Sun Revival, but I think this will change, soon and I’m sure, that the crowd of fans will grow quickly. I really hope that we’re able to listen to the first album of this amazing band next year and that they’ll visit many stages.

Until then I recommend visiting their page again and again and to keep your eyes open, because I’m sure there will be much more about Red Sun Revival to hear and see, soon.

Static Magazin website