Gig Review: SGM Fest, Madrid

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SGM Fest review

25 October 2014 by La Letra Capital


(Using Google Translate from the original Spanish)

Red Sun Revival began its performance very punctually with its Gothic “lifetime” smart and careful. I missed a real drum kit instead of the drum machine and a little “shaker” by the singer. They played well, they sounded good (especially the violinist Christina) but I think the direct causes them to lose nuances and if such things do not supply stage presence, to “show” because in the end it is all a bit dull, a bit linear. Lucky to have great songs back and the four are effective and talented musicians. They both thoroughly reviewed Embers and Running From The Dawn. Especially notable for me were the performances of Mistakes and My Child, full of drama and theatricality (even in almost complete hieratic) requiring, with fewer nuances in the study but perhaps more claw. But come on, is to highlight some, almost the entire repertoire was a good level. A pity the preponderance of the recording (which will be repeated for different reasons, all night).

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