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May 2015 by Wim Guillemyn

‘Identities’ Album (release date 19/06/15)

Guitars, atmospheric keys, electric violin and a throbbing bass. These are the elements with which this alternative gothic rock band from London makes music. Vicalist Rob Leyton reminds me a little of Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs. Rob was member of ‘The Voices of Masada’ and he also plays guitar with the band ‘Adoration’. Besides, he was also session musician for ‘Nosferatu’ and ‘The Eden House’.

On ‘Premonition’ we hear some nice synth sounds and on ‘Echoes’ some pretty guitar work : well-constructed songs. All elements for gothic rock are present: the throbbing bass, the sound of the guitar, the keys and strings that enhance the emo in the music. Much attention for melody and harmony and also nice artwork.

Beside ‘Aeon Sable’ we don’ t hear much gothic rock these days. Mostly, it comes from (German) bands such as Blutengel, that use an (over) dose of pathos and schlager-like choruses. This band makes solid gothrock (like The Mission, The Fields, etc.) on an album that is good from start to fiinish. And for once with a singer who doesn’t sound like Andrew Eldritch.

Most songs last around five minutes but you never have the feeling that they last to long.

They already released an album (Running From The Dawn, 2012) and an EP (Embers, 2014). Urgent time to discover this one as well.

Rating: 85/100

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