Running From The Dawn CD
Running From The Dawn CD
"Running From The Dawn" was Red Sun Revival's first release and first album. It was mixed and produced by Steve Carey of The Eden House, NFD and This Burning Effigy and features guest recordings from violinist Bob Loveday of Bob Geldof‘s band, The Eden House, and numerous other collaborations. "Running from the Dawn" was mastered by the twice Grammy nominated sound engineer Andy Jackson, producer of Pink Floyd’s "Division Bell" album. Photography for the album and website was undertaken by Taya Uddin, who has worked with numerous high profile musicians. The band has received very positive reviews based upon demo material, including in Dominion Magazine (UK), and Static Magazin (Austria/Germany). Release date: 12 October 2012 Label: afmusic Tracklist:
  1. My Child 05:51
  2. Running From The Dawn 04:43
  3. Lost For Words 04:36
  4. Last Chance 06:29
  5. Wide Awake 05:00
  6. Miracles 04:47
  7. Without You 05:23
  8. Forgive Us Now 05:41
  9. Nothing To Hide 05:55
  10. Barcode: 0 609613 827983
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Identities CD
Identities CD
"Identities" is Red Sun Revival's second full-length album. It contains ten tracks. "Identities" was mixed and produced by Stephen Carey (The Eden House) and features live drums from Simon Rippin (The Eden House, NFD, Nefilim, Fields of the Nephilim) and Sam Morrison on additional keyboards. Release date: June 2015 Label: ECHOZONE Track listing:
  1. Premonition
  2. Echoes
  3. Four Walls
  4. The Reckoning
  5. Fade In Time
  6. In Your Name
  7. Mistakes (Album version)
  8. The Condemned (Part I)
  9. The Condemned (Part II)
  10. The Awakening
Cat. No.: EZ15C1692
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Original T-Shirt
Original T-Shirt
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Embers CD
Embers CD
"Embers" is Red Sun Revival's first EP and second overall release following "Running From the Dawn". It contains four tracks. The EP features an extended version of "Mistakes", which was released as a single. "Embers" was masterfully mixed and produced by Stephen Carey of The Eden House. Furthermore, the songs features live drums from Simon Rippin also of The Eden House, and formerly of NFD, Nefilim and Fields of The Nephilim, imparting new dynamics and energy to the new material. "Embers" explores new directions for Red Sun Revival whilst remaining faithful to the band's particular sound and style. Release date: 26 September 2014 Label: ECHOZONE Track listing:
  1. Mistakes (EP version) 06:33
  2. Broken 05:11
  3. Surrender 05:19
  4. Embers 05:57
  5. Cat. No.: EZ14C1590
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